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Opens with orange, lemon and apple, with hints of fennel and aniseed. a floral hea of jasmine, rose, lily and freesia follow, with a base of patchouli, tonka, vanilla and sweet musks.


Combines sweet essences of strawberries and raspberries, apple and pear with a floral hea of jasmine, lily and rose on a sobase of sandalwood and musk.


A cool and invigorating masculine fragrance, with lemon, orange blossom, geranium, sea moss, sandal, amber and cedar.


A fresh green floral fragrance, opening with crisp green apple, watermelon, cassis and a hint of cucumber. Supported by a hea of rose, water lily, freesia and violet, with a sensual base of musk, white amber, sandalwood and fresh marine notes.

Floral Country Garden

A complex, floral bouquet fragrance with jasmine enhanced by rose, lily, lilac and green petal notes resting on a sumptuous base of musk, precious woods, dry fruits and warm amber.

FRESH LINEN 500 ml Powerblaster

Captures the scent of freshly ironed sheets. Fresh, fruity floral fragrance with green apple, pear, freesia and grapefruit.


This is a simple 24 hour operation dispenser. No frills but pe ect for a distributor who would like a competitively priced, high quality, professional product that will maximise refill sales. Alternatively, it is ideal for an end-user who requires 24 hour control or simply wants minimum fuss when servicing up the product.


Impeco Digital is the most user friendly and flexible metered aer- osol system on the market. There are no programming restrictions allowing maximum fragrance delivery when it is needed. Unlike competing units it can be programmed to operate precisely when a facility is in use or for any pre-specified number of days. This dispenser will not only cut down on refill usage and therefore have a positive effect on the environment it also allows a reduction in overall servicing costs for rental customers.


A relaxing, aromatic fragrance with leading notes of eucalyptus and pine. The heart features lavender blended with lilac, pear and muguet laying on a rich base of vanilla, musks and plum.

Lemon Zest

A fresh, sparkling lemon accent that fizzes and refreshes instantly. A real sensory overload.


A natural smelling lily of the valley fragrance with hints of fresh foliage and rose flowers.


A fantasy citrus fragrance based on tangy tangerine, mandarin, weet satsuma and bier orange peel. There are also hints of nectarine and pink grapefruit, resting on a delicate, creamy base.


Combines mango, melon, cucumber, watery green notes, peach and orange with floral midtones and coconut, and a sweet, musky base note.

Ocean Splash

A clean, fresh Mediterranean fragrance. top notes of mandarin, lemon, green leaf and violet are enhanced with lavender, ozonic floral’s and a background of sandal, cedar, amber, musk and patchouli.